Not everyone has it, but I believe that anyone can develop it….

In martial arts, its said that your only opponent is yourself. No matter how big the man in fron of you is, no matter what weapons he has, ultimately, it is your own spirit you should be concerned with.

It is something that is 1000 percent true.
By nature I’m a fighter. The adversity that life presents has endless forms and I have to be prepared for each one. The only way to do this is to constantly work on my own spirit. Its the only way to survive ANYTHING.

Confidence is faith…in YOU. That’s  as simple as I can explain it to those lacking it. If you lack faith in yourself, then your opponent or life’s adversity, will defeat you.
If you want to live, lack of confidence is something you simply cannot allow.

How is confidence built? Simple really: every suceess in life should be a confidence builder. Every sucess should show YOU that YOU are capable of DOING. It matters little how big or small your accomplishment is what matters is that you accomplished it. From waking up and going to the gym like you said you would, to designing an architectural masterpeice, everything accomplished in your life means SOMETHING. Because it didn’t happen until YOU did it.
Failure is normally a tremendous blow to confidence, and I’ve failed quite a few times. But as I got older, I learned a TRUTH: failure is just lifes way of showing us HOW we fucked up. As long as you’re alive, then you can learn and improve yourself. So take failure seriosuly, only because it will help you build better confidence down the road.  Also, TRY not to HOLD onto failure, because that is negative thinking which is the opposite of confidence.

Think like this: shit. I fucked up. Can’t fix it, let’s see what I can do next.

Ironcially, I had a terrible complex about my looks. I was shy and awkward. I hated to be laughed at and there are embarrassing times in my life that I still rememeber quite clearly.
But I was a child at the time.
As an adult I’m quite the opposite.

My mother is a fighter and she is also the MOST pessimistic person I know. This means that she is balanced!! Ha!
She has always told me “you can do it” and she has even told me at times that she didn’t know if I could. But that’s okay. I’m someone who hates to lose and I refuse to give up.
Confidence let’s me know my worth.
Faith in YOU.

If you do not develop confidence, well you will just be someone without much spirit
You won’t be able to ride this Life the RIGHT way. Remember the guy in “spring break” movies who is the most fun out of all the other cast members? He gets it.

Its not about being the life of the party, its about being ALIVE. Period.



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