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When you hit “rock bottom”, What EVER will you do??

You wake up, wash, put your clothes on and go to work. You have lunch at 12 or 1pm then work for the remainder of the day. You come home from your commute, find something to eat, watch tv, fall asleep and in the morning it starts all over again.

Habit is a systematic way of living.
It is ripe for change.
Sometimes this change can be good, but often it’s not. What do you do when your habitual way of life is turned upside down?

Adaptation and life go hand in hand. To nature, adaptability is essential for survival. And therein lies the essential life lesson of today.

Adaptation is nature teaching us that there is no sound or fool-proof plan. We MUST be fluid. T.F.

If you read the newspaper everyday, lots of times it’s the same theme: times are hard.
Don’t get caught up in the propaganda, times have ALWAYS been hard. Sure they may have seemed a little bit easier back in the day, but I assure you that a homeless person who has been living on the streets the last ten years doesn’t see much change in his situation. Situations have and will always be relative to the individual.

But just what do you do when you things fail despite your best laid plans?
What do you do when you have nothing?

I like to think that I do my best work when my back is against the wall and I’m not the only one who feels that way. There are tons of comeback stories in human history. And there is no reason why yours cannot be one of them. The age-old saying “‘necessity is the mother of invention”  are some of the truest words ever written.

Making something from nothing takes adaptation, ingenuity, and imagination.
for instance, you’d have to first mentally adapt to the reality that you’ve lost your job, or your house. Then you must have ingenuity in order to make due despite your have-nots. You have to find a way to feed yourself or your family, and put a roof over your families head. You have to think of  anyone who can help you during your situation. Lastly, imagination truly kicks in when you begin to put all the pieces of your life back together. You have to imagine a plausible scenario that will allow you to live comfortably as you once did. You have to have a vision to strive for or you simply live in an unfortunate moment.

Make no mistake, planning is a GOOD thing, one MUST plan. But understand that a plan is a gamble that may or may not happen. It’s a roll of the dice between you and life. Sometimes you roll a seven and get ahead, other times you lose and life takes something from you.

When you feel that you have hit rock bottom, you must look at that rock as a foundation to build all over again. If you are able-bodied and more importantly, mentally FIT, then you have a greater chance to survive and win most any situation life throws at you.

MAN says “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”
LIFE says  “If  you fail to adapt, then you plan to die”

A lot of y’all better learn how to make lemonade out these life lemons.


“Maybe it’s just Me” Freestyle friday and notable quotables. T.F.

I am not here to fit into the tapestry of this society. Its MATERIAL is cheap, the overall PRODUCT is weakly woven, it will never stand the test of time.

The light many stand in is not TRUE illumination. And so when I created my first introduction, I told those who would listen that I would provide new light through Sparks of divinity.
Some listened, and most did not.
But for someone like me, who is hungry for change, SOME change is ALL.

People say making money is hard….
These people are simply lazy. Money, the material, the CRUTCH is always there for the taking.
Sex, a lack of morals, unscrupulous behavior, VICE is easy money. As Creations of the almighty, we have a wayward uncle in Satan. A fallen angel, he was once family, so it’s quite easy for us to use vice as gain, evil is in our blood.
So by all means, make your MONEY.

If that is everything to you.

Again, as I speak, I do not fit into societies tapestry, and yet here I am.

Which means I fit into the tapestry of the universe and time.
I do not know if the almighty fashioned me as a “needle” or a “strong thread”…

It matters little as both are essential to weave.

I dreamed by day and I dreamed by night,
But my reality is anything but a dream. There is much to be done…

But I wont lie, reality can be so mundane..

You eat, you sleep, you breathe, you work with never enough play and to not have others who truly understand you or worse yet, very few who you can talk to in order to enhance your own spirit. REAL conversation with a real person.

It amazes me how THAT is the stuff of dreams and fake is the REAL.
I remember a time when I spoke to people in the most profane manner in order to attract the REAL. But how will I attract real if it cannot recognize itself?

Somewhere along the way, I got tired of talking…
I wrote again, this time I put my heart on paper. The words were crafted. It was as close to witchcraft as I have ever tread, however my intentions were for good and if they were not, I gave LIFE and GOD full permission to STAY my hand….and so my hands became unstoppable.
Do you understand that? For real?
The words are cryptic and yet quite blatant.
“The WORD is power”, and so began the instruction manual…
I included the essence of power..
I gave them clues to a very possible future..

I gave them the blueprint to build a spirit and even as I communed with the ghost of my son…

I showed them some of the things in this reality that are of true substance, while showing what is truly waste.. Extraneous matter was shown for what it was, dead weight… I sought to make spirits lighter.
A realist, I wrote of how what is, IS… but also how we can affect what could be.
And of LIFE? Like love it is FREE, in order to fully live you have to be ONE with both, so we must learn to let GO, in order to be free. Freedom must be realized.

Do you understand this?

As I wrote, again I wondered am I the thread or the needle?

Sometimes I took a break. I had to, after all, the world made me the man of my dreams so I could ill afford to ignore it. I spent time with my wife….and annoyed my daughter.
I took walks, and continued to build the physical vessel that I was BLESSED with.
In time, I returned to my life’s work..
And wrote until it was finished.

The words were read out aloud, to see if they would have power if they were spoken by the right person. As I spoke them, I realized that I’m not the right person. I may not be a gifted speaker, but my mind is quite eloquent. I cut myself some slack though, I wrote these words, I already knew of them..
My spirit sees them as PAST.
My concern is for those who are not at the proper individual spiritual level PRESENTLY..
In the end, I knew that what I created was good enough, a small taste, one that was possibly good enough to warrant a full helping.

Would people understand it? Would the masses accept it? Of course not. That is not right, no matter how good something is, it should not be accepted by everyone. Because then there would be no more free thought. Even a society built on love needs a hate group. If for no other reason than to appreciate love.
That’s real. That’s truth. We are who we are, and we become complacent with anything.
Reality bites.
And so in that spirit, I set my personal goal quite low. I hoped to attract 100 people. I felt that half would read and half would get around to reading it sooner or later.

This is what I figured, not what I KNEW.

This would be a different piece from someone different. I certainly didn’t think it would be accepted any time soon. Hell it may never be accepted.
But none of that matters, what matters is that it was created. Someone else can now read it and hopefully grow from it. I’m on to other things. The goal is still the same, but I must choose a different avenue in order to cover all bases.
And so entertainment is next. Its time I created a movie. I mean why NOT?

It’s a shame really, everyone creates and others belittle that creation. If you build a house, a wonderful house and no one comes to live there or no one appreciates it, it is STILL a wonderful house, to YOU. What you create has only the value that YOU put on it. Other people do not make it any more or less. If something is priceless to you, then it will never be sold despite millions offered.

I could have given away my book for free.
5 dollars was simply a lesson for everyone else. I would post how many people brought my words in order to show extreme thanks. The books left out of 100 would show how many may never be interested.

1 book sold was all I needed. 1 person. God gave me 6. And so my faith in man is higher than it ever was. We do what we are gifted to do, our calling. What’s more important to a man like me, perhaps a dying breed, is that I did what I said I would do. My wife and my daughter appreciate this more than anyone else would. It shows them that I am still here. That I am the same man, just as MEAN and yet just as GOOD as I’ve ever been.

Since these are free words, no structure needed, I could go on, but right now, I’ve written enough. I’m going to let these words stand for a while. I have to live life for a while. Put my hands in some dirt and ponder things.

But I no longer care whether I’m the thread or the needle. I am whatever I am in the universes aspect. What’s important is that I do what I am capable of doing.

If glue doesn’t stick, then it just ain’t glue.

False advertisement.

I never said I was anyone else other than ME. Either I work for you or I don’t. 

I AM as advertised.