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If god didnt want me to figure it out, then i wouldnt have the mind that I have..so lets GO..Pt 1.

The following 5 or 6 blogs will be a diversion from the usual relationship and social musings that I have written. The next few blogs will be my understanding of the truth of our existence that I have come to believe. My words are my own, my belief may be shared, but in the end, this is what is truth to me…THUS FAR.

My words have come from decades of study, deep thought, relaxation, and best of all, experience.

In posting these words, I do ONE of the things I am physically blessed to do which is write. I do not LIKE writing; however we do what we MUST. Just like eating and sleeping, there are times that I am MOVED and NEED to put my thoughts on virtual paper. The reward is NOT when people read it, because the words can be misconstrued, misunderstood and ignored.

The reward is that I have taken something from my mind and made it an actuality. In the English language, there has not been a single word that has never been used before by someone else, so my words themselves aren’t new, just the ORDER I put them in. so I make my OWN statements upon history.

Though I now understand MUCH more than I did before, I know there are other things that I can learn and things that I can NOT learn because of my own physical limitations. Birds can fly, and see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that we cannot. The senses of most animals are many times greater than a human beings, as a human, I have a higher intellect and it is my duty to use IT to understand the world around me as well as things much higher than myself.

What I write has nothing to do with religion, I write about what IS…Yes, I challenge you to dispute it, I challenge you to read what I wrote, this understanding, this theory, and see if it is wrong…see if it stands toe to toe with what you believe.

Or not.

Such is the greatness of life, in that we are individuals..

Our prints are unique..so we touch people in a unique manner..Our eyes are unique..so we see different from one another..Our DNA is unique..so we exist to make our OWN mark upon life. But we ALL live WITHIN this existence, and it is this existence that I have come to understand much more than I ever did before.


The universal ORDER vs. moments of CHAOS.

In order to see what I see…in order for you to begin to understand what I’m saying, we must think AWAY from normal life; VISUALIZE YOURSELF standing outside a field of grass and imagine you can fly, straight up into the sky without stopping, look down as you fly upward and watch things below you become smaller: people…houses…buildings…the land.

Then we pass the clouds…we break the different atmospheres of the earth until we are now much like an astronaut who sees the earth from space…

but we go further

Stars…planets…NOW we look upwards, and around us, the BLACKNESS around us that makes up the ETHER of space: the FIFTH element in human knowledge. Scientist call it dark matter energy, but they don’t know what the fuck it is 🙂  all YOU need to know is that it allows us a great advantage point to see from, because this energy makes up the galaxy we know. It’s the BLACK background of a painting and everything else, the stars, planets; galaxies are strokes of a WHITE brush… that makes the painting SOMETHING to SEE in the first place.

And it’s a pretty painting.dark

It can be called pretty because it’s made in a particular way; it is STRUCTURED in a way to look pleasing.

The look of our solar system, the sun, stars, and planets is due to ORDER. A structure on a GALACTIC (We live in the Milky Way galaxy so it’s been said) and possibly universal (the entire universe that we can only guess at) scale. It is this ORDER that we live WITHIN. This order is STRUCTURED, it has a grand design and what I believe to be one simple plan: to maintain order for as long as TIME allows.

HOW do I KNOW that we exist within a structured and ORDERED existence? Well lets take a look at an existence with less “structure” (I will use the artist Salvador Dali to help illustrate since he always had a flair for this kind of stuff..) 


With just a sprinkle of THIS…salvador-dali-the-persistence-of-memory-c-1931_i-G-8-802-IGVI000Z

Notice how things just don’t make ANY sense? Well the opposite of ORDER is CHAOS. You can pretty much agree that you or I don’t live in ANYTHING close to these paintings….UNLESS YOU’RE HIGH….but even if you ARE….stay with me, you may understand me better than most will in the end.

As I said before in my preface, my understanding is based on what IS and opposed to what ISNT. If we lived in a chaotic existence, we would not exist, there would only be incomprehensibility, and even these “things” would only last for a moment. No structure IS NO STRUCTURE. No order IS NO ORDER. There would be nothing to BUILD from as the concept of BUILDING would not exist in a reality of chaos. There would only be…incomprehensibility…way worse than those paintings.

social 1 soical 2 structure 1 solar systemSo it is SAFE I believe, to say that we live in an EXISTENCE WITH STRUCTURE: At our base, we are a structure of atomic particles and molecules that have a unique structure which allows us to exist in the form that we do, our bone structure, our organ structure, a building has structure, our society has a structure, our land has a mass structure, our earth has a structured inner layer that keeps it stable and even allows us to survive upon it. The earth has a magnetic pull that has an effect upon its movement in the solar system that is a structured movement of planets around 1 very big ball of gas that is the SUN… and our ENTIRE solar system…is said to revolve around the center of OUR galaxy that we live in; the milky way galaxy (this is said to take 200 millions years to do. DON’T say you don’t learn things from me!)  This is centuries of  science, observation, sure some things may be a bit off  but we have been running with these facts for centuries, WE EXIST IN A STRUCTURED GALAXY, One that is structured enough to OBSERVE  and LEARN from. If it would constantly change, then it would not be structured, it would be chaotic.

However, there IS something we call “chaos” and this chaos has its place IN our existence.

Because there is a time for ALL things.

Chaos, is easier to explain…when it happens that is…not before it happens, not after it happens, but the moment it happens, that MOMENT is chaos. A build up of energy, or an occurrence so out of the ordinary, that no one or thing is prepared for it. Chaos can be the BIG bang, THE flash of the explosion, THE flash of destruction when the bomb that hits, THE moment of anger that causes something to happen to someone…

CHAOS is the opposite of ORDER…in that it UNMAKES order.

Somewhere, at some point in the galaxy, there is a moment of chaos, but chaos is never allowed to go on, because it would destroy order, and the existence we live in, the existence we are a PART of, WILL have ORDER.

Imagine two sides of armies. Blue and red…the red drops the bomb on the blue side, THAT BOMB, the moment it explodes is CHAOS….the bomb takes the men, the land beneath their feet, the molecules and energy that they were all made of and disperses them, UNMAKES them.chaos1

The moment that explosion is done, ORDER begins to restore itself. The blue continue to fight the red and no matter how many bombs of chaos one side throws at the other, eventually, there WILL be ORDER. There will either be a clear victor or there will be no survivors…but ORDER is ORDER.

And every time chaos happens, THERE IS CHANGE IN THE ORDER but ONLY for the moment, because eventually order returns, eventually order is restored.

ORDER is the PLAN.  To have this order, there must be STRUCTURE REMEMBER THIS.

chaosRest assured, chaos exists for a reason, the existence of what we call “chaos” is used to either improve upon the universal plan of order or just needed energy dispersal or destruction…but the PLAN is always eventual ORDER no matter what. And just to mess with you, CHAOS, isn’t REALLY chaos, we just call it that. It’s not a random act by any means, because nothing random happens in the plan of order. Remember what I said, THE MOMENT IS CHAOS, but not the start or the end of the moment. Something ALWAYS happens to set off chaos. Which means that it’s NOT a random act.

This is our existence. This is what we are a part of, and THIS ORDER PERMEATES EVERYTHING WE DO AND WILL DO. since WE live within the order, all life is a part of it…making it a living order…an order with a PULSE.

You cannot avoid it, because it IS LIFE ITSELF.

There are those who would ask “Why MUST there even BE an order or a structure in the first place?” the answer is simple: in order to even EXIST, something must be made of something. Something must be BUILT from something. Even a hologram must be projected from something. Even a ghost must be made up of something in order to exist as a spirit. We LIVE in and are OF an EXISTENCE. So how can WE be the only things that are so divinely structured? or a better question: how can people believe that GOD constructed the universe to simply EXIST with no meaning OTHER than to exist? If this is all a grand creation then IT and thus WE, all have a divine purpose…which means WE. ALL. HAVE.PREDESTINED. PATHS. TO. FOLLOW.


NEXT: How does the structure of life affect human beings: Past, present and future. (This means YOU….and ..OH…you can come back to earth now : )

P.S Science FUN : “On November 2, 2009, according to the National Geographic, “Each cell in the human body contains about 100 times as many atoms as there are stars in the Milky Way. As we all know, the Milky Way has ~ 200 Billion stars. SOOooo, 200,000,000,000 X 100 = 2.0 × 1013. Long story short, it’s about, 200 trillion. Now, that’s magnificent isn’t it!

Hold your horses my little stem cells, Science NetLinks, a resource for science teachers, stated that there are approximately “ten to the 14th power” (that’s 100 trillion) cells in the human body. SOOOooo, 200 trillion atoms in 1 human cell X 100 trillion cells in the average human body = a whopping, 200 septillion. That’s a 2 with 24 zeros following it! Are you conceptualizing this! We have 100 times more atoms in out body than stars in the universe
Let’s not stop there shall we? How about 200 septillion atoms in the average human body X, as of November 2, 2009, the Earth’s population is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be, 6.794 billion = 13.588 X 10 “34