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If god didnt want me to figure it out, then i wouldnt have the mind that I have..so lets GO..Pt 2

To summarize quickly from the last blog entry: the universe is structured because it exists. This structure is built in a particular way, giving it a particular, albeit complex existence. Though we do not know everything about it, we do know that there is an order to it. There is a WAY to existence; there is a MOVEMENT to this existence.

Energies that we cannot see move in a certain way because of their structure, planets orbit in a way due to their structure, life itself moves in a way because of an all encompassing structure.

Humans, as a PART of life and OF life, also move in a certain way that goes along WITH the structure, with ORDER. Of course there are times of chaos, because chaos IS part of the structure and chaos is change.

However, HOW do we MOVE? My observations and studies have come to ONE answer: human beings move based on NEED. Feast on your eyes on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs(note if you click on the triangle, there are words on the side of the triangle that cant be shown due to the color of my page. clicking on the triangle will show you an actual pic of the triangle in its entirety)

 500px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svgPhysiological (PHYSICAL) needs form the very FOUNDATION of our needs. Why is that? Because we are living organisms primarily, and our survival is the most important thing. The moment we are developing eggs in our mother’s womb, we become a beacon of self preservation. Simply put, LIFE does NOT want to die, and being OF life, neither do WE. To that end, we feed inside of our mothers wombs, we sleep, we have shelter…when we are born, we breathe air that’s needed to survive, we eat, we sleep, we excrete waste….these are ALL biological functions of living beings. In science, they are called “life functions” because they are essential to continued living for a particular organism…in this case, a human being. With all that said, look at the bottom of the triangle and understand please, the foundation of what a human being ABSOLUTELY needs to survive: breathing, food, water, sex (NOT for pleasure, but in order to procreate. To continue the species), homeostasis( sleep) and excretion( getting rid of waste)

Everything, has a beginning..

Every structure has a foundation..

Nothing appears out of thin air…it just seems that way.

To understand anything, we MUST seek the foundation.

Our basic needs are the reasons that we move in the first place. We get up in the morning to piss or shit, then eat and then we leave our homes and go to work in order to make money so we can continue to afford food and shelter. The shelter provides us with a better place to sleep, and to eat, and to excrete waste. The shelter also provides us a place that not only protects us from the rain, but also allows us to have sex for pleasure or procreation. Even though procreation, eating, sleeping, excretion of waste can be done without shelter…its more comfortable WITH shelter 🙂

500px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svgSpeaking of shelter, look at the next step on the triangle: SAFETY. All that goes with safety are things we seem to care about more than others: the BODY (self preservation is first, remember) employment (continued monetary gain) family (loved ones who we wish safety for) health and property (shelter).  Therefore, even though it is enough to survive off basic needs, we also need to feel as though we will CONTINUE to survive another day. This is very important…HOPE is very important. This is why a positive outlook is extremely important in a survival situation( which is everyday life). FAITH is very important to human beings. However, we will get into faith another time.

Psychology states that once our physical needs are met, we then focus on the mental needs. As you can see the triangle shows  more brackets: longing and belonging (wanting and being want-ed) esteem and finally, self actualization.

Now keep in mind that this triangle is BASIC. Because the needs of human beings get very diverse once we get past the first two brackets, however, there is NO dispute about the first two brackets. As long as we are human beings, those basic needs HAVE to be met, and those basic needs keep US within OUR lane as it comes to the universal structure. Those needs also make us VERY predictable and…controllable.

Slaves_in_chains_(grayscale)We all know slavery is a part of human history, with that being said, slaves were controlled by taking away basic needs, and then giving those needs back in small amounts. This way the slaves were motivated to do what the master told them. Now as a living organism, eventually a human being will naturally seek to rise above the circumstances that slow or retard its growth or movement. Therefore, to keep this from happening, the master would control the mind of the slave through fear. So the physical body is enslaved due to the needs of the physical, and the mental is enslaved by destroying HOPE of anything better than the current circumstances. This is slavery in its simplest explanation, and like most basic tools, it WORKS. Honestly, the very fact that a freaking triangle that shows human needs even exists is due to YEARS of trial and error and human/ social study. So understand; human beings are NOT hard to figure out, because no matter how old, big, strong, smart, fast, stupid, sexy, or ugly you are, as long as you’re a human being, you need to EAT, sleep, shit, piss, have sex…and feel HOPE.

Now, our basic needs are why we move. Our basic needs ALSO keep us in check in the order of existence. Remember: existence does not like unknown variables or chaos. If every human being didn’t have the same needs, then there’s no telling WHAT this world would be like…and that would be chaos. The reality is, life has us on lock due to our needs. Those needs are like crack to a crack addict. Go without eating or sleeping and you will be JUST like a crack head in mind and body.

mindHowever, let’s go deeper; let’s go to the MENTAL needs, of longing, self actualization, etc. Realize that the human mind is complex…ONLY if you chose not to understand it. The human mind isn’t complex at all. I mean its real complex if you want to get into the physical structure of the brain and get into WHY we “feel”, the origins of emotions and bio chemical responses, but there’s no need for that shit here.

Let’s keep it simple.

For every feeling of love, there’s hate, anger for calm, contentment for discontent…you see where these human emotions are going?

For every good one, there’s a bad one, why is that?

“Why is the human mind so complex??!?!?!”

PUHLEESE… The human brain NEEDS stimulation. It’s how we grow mentally. Human beings do not like to be ONE way and just DO one thing, to the point where we will MAKE things more complex than they actually ARE. So with that fact, understand that when our minds aren’t stimulated, then we begin to stimulate ourselves by over thinking, second guessing, doubting…all kinds of negative shit or even go from negative to positive. The worst part is, most of us can’t help ourselves, because human beings largely do not TRUST one another. Without trust, there is no feeling of…wait for it…SAFETY(need!). When we find someone we can trust, we tend to hold on to that person. Remember, safety is a need and we move how we NEED to move.

Need love? We move towards relationships.

Need sex? We move toward sexual relationships and encounters.

Need safety? We move toward a great paying job and surround ourselves with people who feel the same way we do. There is no single new human emotion under the sun. Not a one.


history_repeats_itself_by_sonofamorticianEver wonder why “history repeats itself”?

How no matter what, there will always be some sort of fighting, lies, love, theft, jealousy in each of our lives at some point?

That is because those things are a part of who WE are and they will never change no matter how much we advance the world around us. History repeats itself because we do nothing DIFFERENT as a human race. Even if we went to another planet, and we had to find out how to survive differently from earth, as long as we eventually survive, we will find a way to establish the SAME society we had on earth. Because we cannot escape who we are as human beings. We cannot escape our physical needs and we cannot escape our minds. Life keeps us in check physically; meanwhile society keeps us in check mentally. But remember…it is ALL a form of ORDER. It is all a form of STRUCTURE.

Its what we know…hell, its what we CRAVE…look here..

Why does a story have to have a beginning, middle, and an end?

Better yet, why do we as human beings HATE when there is no resolution to a problem? We hate movies that are “open-ended”, we hate situations that end with “maybe”… face it, we crave order, we crave answers, and resolutions, which are ALL, part of a structured existence. An unstructured existence would have NONE of the things we crave so much.

Our bodies are even biologically made to sense TIME. We have a time to wake, to eat, to sleep. That is predictability in itself.

Structure is everywhere around us…IN us.

I’ve written my 5 pages and I like to leave things at that because I want the information to have a chance to sink in to those who read it but let me finish with this: We are able to compute faster and even take in more information which should make us smarter…but we make the same mistakes. We are predictable in that way.

handsSince our minds are never content, we always want more, which is a great thing on one hand, because it keeps us moving forward, but it becomes a bad thing when we no longer appreciate good things as they are. Some people blame TIME for that, how things become obsolete, but an old car still gets you from point A to B. Don’t blame TIME for our human nature:) A small house is still a house, an old car is still a means of transportation, a chicken sandwich is still food, but we eventually want steak, a more expensive car, and a mansion. On a daily basis, we supplant wants with actual needs. We are foolish this way because needs are basic, WANTS are things you would like ABOVE your needs. There nothing wrong with wanting more, or being in a better situation, but I’ve observed too many instances of our situation dictating our humanity. “Poor people are nothing” “Rich people are something BETTER” this has been going on since the beginning of the caste system and the moment human beings realize that we are ALL human beings, is usually the SAME moment when we ALL have NOTHING. It should not have to come to a disaster for human beings to unite and respect one another. however, I beleive now that we will only EVOLVE as NEEDED. As human beings, we have gotten far being the way we are, but MAYBE we could have gotten much farther by now…..

“The first anatomical humans evolved around 200,000 years ago, but changes in the throat allowing complex human language only occurred around 50,000 years ago, and there is no evidence that humans before around 20,000 years ago had abstract forms of art like cave paintings. So “humans” have only really been around for 20,000 or so years in my opinion, but our species homo sapien sapien is definitely much much older.”

Hmmmmm.. we are only 20,000 years old since being able to speak to one another?

I wonder who told the FIRST lie? THAT is the motherfucker who held back humanity.

And I DON’T think it was a biblical “snake”