I am a proud DAD and a sci-fi writer, who HATES to write. I am a published author of two books  as well as a philosopher. I’m also an amateur photographer. My loves are good food, THICK women of all nationalities, dirty jokes, sex, GOOD music, great artistic works, exercise, sleep,good foreplay, and last but not least FAMILY.

Im an individual and there is no one else who can be me. life has dictated that with the unique fingerprints i have. with that being said, i want  a lot of people to know who i am. My blogs are shouts to the social world.

My creativity is HIGH, i just hope i can keep up with myself!!



2 responses to “T.F.

  1. Lekesha Anderson

    stopped thru to check your website out for the first time. later on i’. going to really read everything.

  2. THANK YOU 🙂

    i hope its worth your time.

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