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Mental Freestylin’… “It is what it is..but not what it could be”

To study the mistakes of history means your moves will be smarter presently.
In order to see the FUTURE, one must observe the present

a spirited opponent will have many moves designed to win, where as an opponent lacking spirit will have a limited move set….
a limited IMAGINATION.
… Dreams and nightmares, 2 sides of the same sleeping mind.
as I watch, i see that the majority of people dream of things base…ORDINARY.
Money, safety, stability..
MONEY goes from hand to hand….
there is no such thing as SAFETY unless you cannot be touched…
and there is no true STABILITY on a planet that revolves daily upon its axis.

Where are the fantastic dreamers? where are MY people? Who among us dreams of the FANTASTIC? who sees that the nightmare is this MUNDANE world we have built for ourselves? a world full of such promise from man and deprived of promise by the very same

I am left to observe SQUARES because I do not fit…I am well ROUNDED you see.
I observe weaker people because i am stronger than they are at any given moment. Theirs is Weakness I simply cannot relate to. Although my maturity allows me to understand and sympathize with it.

Observe the present and one begins to see the future take shape…
which is unfortunate since the future is a MUTABLE thing…
A moment among MANY moments..
Understand I should not be able to EVER see the future. Every person “blessed” with prophecy will tell you that it is anything but a blessing.

I am afraid I know the feeling.

I will end this abruptly because there is nothing left but…….HOPE.