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If god didnt want me to figure it out, then i wouldnt have the mind that I lets GO..Pt 2

To summarize quickly from the last blog entry: the universe is structured because it exists. This structure is built in a particular way, giving it a particular, albeit complex existence. Though we do not know everything about it, we do know that there is an order to it. There is a WAY to existence; there is a MOVEMENT to this existence.

Energies that we cannot see move in a certain way because of their structure, planets orbit in a way due to their structure, life itself moves in a way because of an all encompassing structure.

Humans, as a PART of life and OF life, also move in a certain way that goes along WITH the structure, with ORDER. Of course there are times of chaos, because chaos IS part of the structure and chaos is change.

However, HOW do we MOVE? My observations and studies have come to ONE answer: human beings move based on NEED. Feast on your eyes on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs(note if you click on the triangle, there are words on the side of the triangle that cant be shown due to the color of my page. clicking on the triangle will show you an actual pic of the triangle in its entirety)

 500px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svgPhysiological (PHYSICAL) needs form the very FOUNDATION of our needs. Why is that? Because we are living organisms primarily, and our survival is the most important thing. The moment we are developing eggs in our mother’s womb, we become a beacon of self preservation. Simply put, LIFE does NOT want to die, and being OF life, neither do WE. To that end, we feed inside of our mothers wombs, we sleep, we have shelter…when we are born, we breathe air that’s needed to survive, we eat, we sleep, we excrete waste….these are ALL biological functions of living beings. In science, they are called “life functions” because they are essential to continued living for a particular organism…in this case, a human being. With all that said, look at the bottom of the triangle and understand please, the foundation of what a human being ABSOLUTELY needs to survive: breathing, food, water, sex (NOT for pleasure, but in order to procreate. To continue the species), homeostasis( sleep) and excretion( getting rid of waste)

Everything, has a beginning..

Every structure has a foundation..

Nothing appears out of thin air…it just seems that way.

To understand anything, we MUST seek the foundation.

Our basic needs are the reasons that we move in the first place. We get up in the morning to piss or shit, then eat and then we leave our homes and go to work in order to make money so we can continue to afford food and shelter. The shelter provides us with a better place to sleep, and to eat, and to excrete waste. The shelter also provides us a place that not only protects us from the rain, but also allows us to have sex for pleasure or procreation. Even though procreation, eating, sleeping, excretion of waste can be done without shelter…its more comfortable WITH shelter 🙂

500px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svgSpeaking of shelter, look at the next step on the triangle: SAFETY. All that goes with safety are things we seem to care about more than others: the BODY (self preservation is first, remember) employment (continued monetary gain) family (loved ones who we wish safety for) health and property (shelter).  Therefore, even though it is enough to survive off basic needs, we also need to feel as though we will CONTINUE to survive another day. This is very important…HOPE is very important. This is why a positive outlook is extremely important in a survival situation( which is everyday life). FAITH is very important to human beings. However, we will get into faith another time.

Psychology states that once our physical needs are met, we then focus on the mental needs. As you can see the triangle shows  more brackets: longing and belonging (wanting and being want-ed) esteem and finally, self actualization.

Now keep in mind that this triangle is BASIC. Because the needs of human beings get very diverse once we get past the first two brackets, however, there is NO dispute about the first two brackets. As long as we are human beings, those basic needs HAVE to be met, and those basic needs keep US within OUR lane as it comes to the universal structure. Those needs also make us VERY predictable and…controllable.

Slaves_in_chains_(grayscale)We all know slavery is a part of human history, with that being said, slaves were controlled by taking away basic needs, and then giving those needs back in small amounts. This way the slaves were motivated to do what the master told them. Now as a living organism, eventually a human being will naturally seek to rise above the circumstances that slow or retard its growth or movement. Therefore, to keep this from happening, the master would control the mind of the slave through fear. So the physical body is enslaved due to the needs of the physical, and the mental is enslaved by destroying HOPE of anything better than the current circumstances. This is slavery in its simplest explanation, and like most basic tools, it WORKS. Honestly, the very fact that a freaking triangle that shows human needs even exists is due to YEARS of trial and error and human/ social study. So understand; human beings are NOT hard to figure out, because no matter how old, big, strong, smart, fast, stupid, sexy, or ugly you are, as long as you’re a human being, you need to EAT, sleep, shit, piss, have sex…and feel HOPE.

Now, our basic needs are why we move. Our basic needs ALSO keep us in check in the order of existence. Remember: existence does not like unknown variables or chaos. If every human being didn’t have the same needs, then there’s no telling WHAT this world would be like…and that would be chaos. The reality is, life has us on lock due to our needs. Those needs are like crack to a crack addict. Go without eating or sleeping and you will be JUST like a crack head in mind and body.

mindHowever, let’s go deeper; let’s go to the MENTAL needs, of longing, self actualization, etc. Realize that the human mind is complex…ONLY if you chose not to understand it. The human mind isn’t complex at all. I mean its real complex if you want to get into the physical structure of the brain and get into WHY we “feel”, the origins of emotions and bio chemical responses, but there’s no need for that shit here.

Let’s keep it simple.

For every feeling of love, there’s hate, anger for calm, contentment for discontent…you see where these human emotions are going?

For every good one, there’s a bad one, why is that?

“Why is the human mind so complex??!?!?!”

PUHLEESE… The human brain NEEDS stimulation. It’s how we grow mentally. Human beings do not like to be ONE way and just DO one thing, to the point where we will MAKE things more complex than they actually ARE. So with that fact, understand that when our minds aren’t stimulated, then we begin to stimulate ourselves by over thinking, second guessing, doubting…all kinds of negative shit or even go from negative to positive. The worst part is, most of us can’t help ourselves, because human beings largely do not TRUST one another. Without trust, there is no feeling of…wait for it…SAFETY(need!). When we find someone we can trust, we tend to hold on to that person. Remember, safety is a need and we move how we NEED to move.

Need love? We move towards relationships.

Need sex? We move toward sexual relationships and encounters.

Need safety? We move toward a great paying job and surround ourselves with people who feel the same way we do. There is no single new human emotion under the sun. Not a one.


history_repeats_itself_by_sonofamorticianEver wonder why “history repeats itself”?

How no matter what, there will always be some sort of fighting, lies, love, theft, jealousy in each of our lives at some point?

That is because those things are a part of who WE are and they will never change no matter how much we advance the world around us. History repeats itself because we do nothing DIFFERENT as a human race. Even if we went to another planet, and we had to find out how to survive differently from earth, as long as we eventually survive, we will find a way to establish the SAME society we had on earth. Because we cannot escape who we are as human beings. We cannot escape our physical needs and we cannot escape our minds. Life keeps us in check physically; meanwhile society keeps us in check mentally. But remember…it is ALL a form of ORDER. It is all a form of STRUCTURE.

Its what we know…hell, its what we CRAVE…look here..

Why does a story have to have a beginning, middle, and an end?

Better yet, why do we as human beings HATE when there is no resolution to a problem? We hate movies that are “open-ended”, we hate situations that end with “maybe”… face it, we crave order, we crave answers, and resolutions, which are ALL, part of a structured existence. An unstructured existence would have NONE of the things we crave so much.

Our bodies are even biologically made to sense TIME. We have a time to wake, to eat, to sleep. That is predictability in itself.

Structure is everywhere around us…IN us.

I’ve written my 5 pages and I like to leave things at that because I want the information to have a chance to sink in to those who read it but let me finish with this: We are able to compute faster and even take in more information which should make us smarter…but we make the same mistakes. We are predictable in that way.

handsSince our minds are never content, we always want more, which is a great thing on one hand, because it keeps us moving forward, but it becomes a bad thing when we no longer appreciate good things as they are. Some people blame TIME for that, how things become obsolete, but an old car still gets you from point A to B. Don’t blame TIME for our human nature:) A small house is still a house, an old car is still a means of transportation, a chicken sandwich is still food, but we eventually want steak, a more expensive car, and a mansion. On a daily basis, we supplant wants with actual needs. We are foolish this way because needs are basic, WANTS are things you would like ABOVE your needs. There nothing wrong with wanting more, or being in a better situation, but I’ve observed too many instances of our situation dictating our humanity. “Poor people are nothing” “Rich people are something BETTER” this has been going on since the beginning of the caste system and the moment human beings realize that we are ALL human beings, is usually the SAME moment when we ALL have NOTHING. It should not have to come to a disaster for human beings to unite and respect one another. however, I beleive now that we will only EVOLVE as NEEDED. As human beings, we have gotten far being the way we are, but MAYBE we could have gotten much farther by now…..

“The first anatomical humans evolved around 200,000 years ago, but changes in the throat allowing complex human language only occurred around 50,000 years ago, and there is no evidence that humans before around 20,000 years ago had abstract forms of art like cave paintings. So “humans” have only really been around for 20,000 or so years in my opinion, but our species homo sapien sapien is definitely much much older.”

Hmmmmm.. we are only 20,000 years old since being able to speak to one another?

I wonder who told the FIRST lie? THAT is the motherfucker who held back humanity.

And I DON’T think it was a biblical “snake”


If god didnt want me to figure it out, then i wouldnt have the mind that I lets GO..Pt 1.

The following 5 or 6 blogs will be a diversion from the usual relationship and social musings that I have written. The next few blogs will be my understanding of the truth of our existence that I have come to believe. My words are my own, my belief may be shared, but in the end, this is what is truth to me…THUS FAR.

My words have come from decades of study, deep thought, relaxation, and best of all, experience.

In posting these words, I do ONE of the things I am physically blessed to do which is write. I do not LIKE writing; however we do what we MUST. Just like eating and sleeping, there are times that I am MOVED and NEED to put my thoughts on virtual paper. The reward is NOT when people read it, because the words can be misconstrued, misunderstood and ignored.

The reward is that I have taken something from my mind and made it an actuality. In the English language, there has not been a single word that has never been used before by someone else, so my words themselves aren’t new, just the ORDER I put them in. so I make my OWN statements upon history.

Though I now understand MUCH more than I did before, I know there are other things that I can learn and things that I can NOT learn because of my own physical limitations. Birds can fly, and see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that we cannot. The senses of most animals are many times greater than a human beings, as a human, I have a higher intellect and it is my duty to use IT to understand the world around me as well as things much higher than myself.

What I write has nothing to do with religion, I write about what IS…Yes, I challenge you to dispute it, I challenge you to read what I wrote, this understanding, this theory, and see if it is wrong…see if it stands toe to toe with what you believe.

Or not.

Such is the greatness of life, in that we are individuals..

Our prints are we touch people in a unique manner..Our eyes are we see different from one another..Our DNA is we exist to make our OWN mark upon life. But we ALL live WITHIN this existence, and it is this existence that I have come to understand much more than I ever did before.


The universal ORDER vs. moments of CHAOS.

In order to see what I see…in order for you to begin to understand what I’m saying, we must think AWAY from normal life; VISUALIZE YOURSELF standing outside a field of grass and imagine you can fly, straight up into the sky without stopping, look down as you fly upward and watch things below you become smaller: people…houses…buildings…the land.

Then we pass the clouds…we break the different atmospheres of the earth until we are now much like an astronaut who sees the earth from space…

but we go further

Stars…planets…NOW we look upwards, and around us, the BLACKNESS around us that makes up the ETHER of space: the FIFTH element in human knowledge. Scientist call it dark matter energy, but they don’t know what the fuck it is 🙂  all YOU need to know is that it allows us a great advantage point to see from, because this energy makes up the galaxy we know. It’s the BLACK background of a painting and everything else, the stars, planets; galaxies are strokes of a WHITE brush… that makes the painting SOMETHING to SEE in the first place.

And it’s a pretty painting.dark

It can be called pretty because it’s made in a particular way; it is STRUCTURED in a way to look pleasing.

The look of our solar system, the sun, stars, and planets is due to ORDER. A structure on a GALACTIC (We live in the Milky Way galaxy so it’s been said) and possibly universal (the entire universe that we can only guess at) scale. It is this ORDER that we live WITHIN. This order is STRUCTURED, it has a grand design and what I believe to be one simple plan: to maintain order for as long as TIME allows.

HOW do I KNOW that we exist within a structured and ORDERED existence? Well lets take a look at an existence with less “structure” (I will use the artist Salvador Dali to help illustrate since he always had a flair for this kind of stuff..) 


With just a sprinkle of THIS…salvador-dali-the-persistence-of-memory-c-1931_i-G-8-802-IGVI000Z

Notice how things just don’t make ANY sense? Well the opposite of ORDER is CHAOS. You can pretty much agree that you or I don’t live in ANYTHING close to these paintings….UNLESS YOU’RE HIGH….but even if you ARE….stay with me, you may understand me better than most will in the end.

As I said before in my preface, my understanding is based on what IS and opposed to what ISNT. If we lived in a chaotic existence, we would not exist, there would only be incomprehensibility, and even these “things” would only last for a moment. No structure IS NO STRUCTURE. No order IS NO ORDER. There would be nothing to BUILD from as the concept of BUILDING would not exist in a reality of chaos. There would only be…incomprehensibility…way worse than those paintings.

social 1 soical 2 structure 1 solar systemSo it is SAFE I believe, to say that we live in an EXISTENCE WITH STRUCTURE: At our base, we are a structure of atomic particles and molecules that have a unique structure which allows us to exist in the form that we do, our bone structure, our organ structure, a building has structure, our society has a structure, our land has a mass structure, our earth has a structured inner layer that keeps it stable and even allows us to survive upon it. The earth has a magnetic pull that has an effect upon its movement in the solar system that is a structured movement of planets around 1 very big ball of gas that is the SUN… and our ENTIRE solar system…is said to revolve around the center of OUR galaxy that we live in; the milky way galaxy (this is said to take 200 millions years to do. DON’T say you don’t learn things from me!)  This is centuries of  science, observation, sure some things may be a bit off  but we have been running with these facts for centuries, WE EXIST IN A STRUCTURED GALAXY, One that is structured enough to OBSERVE  and LEARN from. If it would constantly change, then it would not be structured, it would be chaotic.

However, there IS something we call “chaos” and this chaos has its place IN our existence.

Because there is a time for ALL things.

Chaos, is easier to explain…when it happens that is…not before it happens, not after it happens, but the moment it happens, that MOMENT is chaos. A build up of energy, or an occurrence so out of the ordinary, that no one or thing is prepared for it. Chaos can be the BIG bang, THE flash of the explosion, THE flash of destruction when the bomb that hits, THE moment of anger that causes something to happen to someone…

CHAOS is the opposite of ORDER…in that it UNMAKES order.

Somewhere, at some point in the galaxy, there is a moment of chaos, but chaos is never allowed to go on, because it would destroy order, and the existence we live in, the existence we are a PART of, WILL have ORDER.

Imagine two sides of armies. Blue and red…the red drops the bomb on the blue side, THAT BOMB, the moment it explodes is CHAOS….the bomb takes the men, the land beneath their feet, the molecules and energy that they were all made of and disperses them, UNMAKES them.chaos1

The moment that explosion is done, ORDER begins to restore itself. The blue continue to fight the red and no matter how many bombs of chaos one side throws at the other, eventually, there WILL be ORDER. There will either be a clear victor or there will be no survivors…but ORDER is ORDER.

And every time chaos happens, THERE IS CHANGE IN THE ORDER but ONLY for the moment, because eventually order returns, eventually order is restored.

ORDER is the PLAN.  To have this order, there must be STRUCTURE REMEMBER THIS.

chaosRest assured, chaos exists for a reason, the existence of what we call “chaos” is used to either improve upon the universal plan of order or just needed energy dispersal or destruction…but the PLAN is always eventual ORDER no matter what. And just to mess with you, CHAOS, isn’t REALLY chaos, we just call it that. It’s not a random act by any means, because nothing random happens in the plan of order. Remember what I said, THE MOMENT IS CHAOS, but not the start or the end of the moment. Something ALWAYS happens to set off chaos. Which means that it’s NOT a random act.

This is our existence. This is what we are a part of, and THIS ORDER PERMEATES EVERYTHING WE DO AND WILL DO. since WE live within the order, all life is a part of it…making it a living order…an order with a PULSE.

You cannot avoid it, because it IS LIFE ITSELF.

There are those who would ask “Why MUST there even BE an order or a structure in the first place?” the answer is simple: in order to even EXIST, something must be made of something. Something must be BUILT from something. Even a hologram must be projected from something. Even a ghost must be made up of something in order to exist as a spirit. We LIVE in and are OF an EXISTENCE. So how can WE be the only things that are so divinely structured? or a better question: how can people believe that GOD constructed the universe to simply EXIST with no meaning OTHER than to exist? If this is all a grand creation then IT and thus WE, all have a divine purpose…which means WE. ALL. HAVE.PREDESTINED. PATHS. TO. FOLLOW.


NEXT: How does the structure of life affect human beings: Past, present and future. (This means YOU….and ..OH…you can come back to earth now : )

P.S Science FUN : “On November 2, 2009, according to the National Geographic, “Each cell in the human body contains about 100 times as many atoms as there are stars in the Milky Way. As we all know, the Milky Way has ~ 200 Billion stars. SOOooo, 200,000,000,000 X 100 = 2.0 × 1013. Long story short, it’s about, 200 trillion. Now, that’s magnificent isn’t it!

Hold your horses my little stem cells, Science NetLinks, a resource for science teachers, stated that there are approximately “ten to the 14th power” (that’s 100 trillion) cells in the human body. SOOOooo, 200 trillion atoms in 1 human cell X 100 trillion cells in the average human body = a whopping, 200 septillion. That’s a 2 with 24 zeros following it! Are you conceptualizing this! We have 100 times more atoms in out body than stars in the universe
Let’s not stop there shall we? How about 200 septillion atoms in the average human body X, as of November 2, 2009, the Earth’s population is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be, 6.794 billion = 13.588 X 10 “34

Women….women…women… part 11.. “Why Lie?”

This will be my last entry for a little while. I will be taking a break. i thank the many people on facebook who have written to tell me how much this blog has helped them sort out things in their own personal lives. you inspire me to write more..and i will 🙂 ”

“If love is blind…then a relationship is hindsight at all times”.

Think about that…what you thought you knew, wasn’t the case…it wasn’t what you believed in your heart it was….and just who is to blame for your blindness? You? Who put the other person on a pedestal that they NEVER asked for? Or is it the other person who lied because they knew you would believe them out of blind love?

A conundrum! One I know quite well 🙂

I actually don’t like people who lie. I fall short of using the word “HATE” because I don’t take every lie personal…unless it’s personal 🙂 The truth is that lying is a natural defense mechanism. It’s a response to avoid a situation.

There are many reasons we tell lies: to make the other person feel better, to spare a persons feelings, to keep the other person from possibly doing you bodily harm, to KEEP the person in your life…..

I’ve boiled it down to this: people lie when there is an important situation or a person that they really care about.

IRONICALLY….we seem to tell more TRUTH when we don’t give a shit.

Lies have their place. Make no mistake, many people can’t handle the truth. The PROBLEM comes when you, as a person who lies, runs into someone who asks you NOT to. EVER.
Lying being such a habit to you…keeps you from believing that this new and rather unique individual, can actually handle the truth.
And so you lie…because its what you’re used to. After all, it’s worked for you thus far and PLUS you care about this person and don’t want the truth to drive them away. Now this truth could be LIFE THREATENING…but that’s the reason you would lie. This truth is big…it’s brutal…life threatening it may be, but the lie is safer.

But for WHO?

You. That’s who.

See inherently, lying is selfish. It is selfish because you feel that YOU know what’s best for the other person, when no one asked you to be the other person’s caretaker or legal guardian. They simply asked for the TRUTH, something that you couldn’t seem to give when it mattered.

Sometimes people lie so FAST they even they are amazed at their speed. That’s a big problem.
Sometimes people lie when they don’t need to.
That’s a big problem too.
Sometimes people believe the lies they tell.
That’s a huge fucking problem because you’re living in a goddamn fantasy world.

And something i’ve noticed a LOT…and I mean a LOT…is that people who lie usually always believe that someone is lying to THEM. No matter what you say, its always questioned, never truly believed.  That’s just some sick ass Karma man. That’s Karma that will drive you insane. Because liar or not, you gonna have to trust someone sooner or later and the moment that happens, its going to scare the shit out of you because THEY could lie to you and you could believe it 🙂 ….Karma man…

Please don’t confuse this with people who always feel as though everything you say or do has a double meaning….those are people that have been lied to REPEATEDLY and they are damaged. It takes patience to deal with these people, but if you get their trust, you cant ever betray it or they may do some crazy shit 😦

Sometimes…well, inevitably, I think, we are all going to date or love someone who lies to us at one point. Someone who will  lie to us when the truth matters the most. I truly think that those of us who have been lied to are partly to blame because our LOVE  makes us so ripe for the lie. But there are those of us who are very in tune with the person they are with, and you can tell that your partner is hiding something or not telling you the full truth.

So you ask for the truth, and they lie…and we believe because we WANT to. Again, WHO is to blame? As Homer Simpson said “It takes two people to lie: one to lie and one to listen” 🙂

I used to lie a lot as a kid, but got caught so many times that I just started telling the truth and accepting the ass whipping. Even my mother said that if I told the truth the ass whipping wouldn’t be as bad….and dammit she was right. I mean I still got beat with an ironing cord, but it didn’t last as long.

I took that mentality with me…I’m not a fan of lying to people. And with GREAT dismay, I learned that many people ARE. Apparently lies make the world go round…and it’s been going on for so long that people accept it. Back in my day it was called  “JIVE’ N'” someone (I’m a 70’s baby thank you very much)…then it was called “BULLSHITTING“…and NOW its called “Political Correctness”

sanddThe way i see it, lies are like a building made of sand. Sand is easy to work with, it’s soft, it holds a shape really well and molds into whatever you want to be. But once it starts to rain, it begins to fall apart. You put another building in its place, but as long as it’s made of sand, it will always melt away when it rains. Everyone loves sand…because it EASY to work with.

See dat’ metaphoric shit son?
A lie is a building made of sand but it can’t stand the fucking rain.

But when you build a house with BRICKS, or STEEL or WOOD; hard materials that hurt when you pick them up, scraping your hands and  making you tougher for using them,…well you have a strong building that stands up to rain, hail, everything short of a tornado.

Truth is a STRONG building, with a great foundation. You should want to build ANYTHING that way…see what I’m saying?

Look at this world built on political correctness and shady dealings…look at these high divorce rates and high STD infection rates…
People are lying to one another damn the consequences. And the consequences are SEVERE AND GRAVE.
No wonder the world changes so fast, that’s how fast there is a new lie to replace the old one.
Because sand just doesn’t last long.

So what you HOPE is that you find someone who has your back, who will give you TRUTH in this world of constant LYING. When you find that person, you tend to hold onto them…and IF this person turns out to be a liar or even tell one BIG lie…you just…..lose….I want to say faith…but HOPE is the word that hits hardest.

You would think I’ve been lied to a lot PERSONALLY. But no, not a lot, just key times. Just times when it mattered the most. And what I hate, is that I had a gut feeling when I was being lied to each time, but I gave the person a chance to tell the truth. Not to BURY themselves but to fucking SAVE themselves….and US.  In each case, LATER I got the truth, its too late then. The damage was done.
You could point the finger at me, because if I knew they were lying then why deal? Simply because you aren’t 100 percent sure and I wasn’t in each case. But unlike many lovers, I wasn’t looking for a lie to shut me up. I wanted the truth. Cold and brutal….just the way I love it.

But its not easy to tell the truth, especially when you care about the other person and don’t want them to leave. Especially then. But if you weren’t so used to lying, then the lie wouldn’t be the first thing that you say….you would at least stutter 🙂 But most people don’t stutter….
The lie is common-place…it saves the day….but what about tomorrow?

I’ve always felt that I was  naturally different. I mean I didn’t try to be different like some people. You know, wear crazy shit to draw attention “look at my individuality” type shit. Actually, I’m a pretty low key guy. But I stand out like a sore thumb because of my mouth and the words I write and the things I do TO and FOR people.
I’ve been called handsome, beautiful, spiritual, great, a mans man, old school, lover, baby, true friend…all these things….by people who have lied to me at one point or another. So was I ever those things??

If I’m so special then I should be granted my fondest desire and that is TRUTH. No matter what.

Ironically, I become closer to the person who tells me brutal truth. It’s like I find a long lost friend, someone who understands. That’s what’s lost in the lie; the possibility that the truth would make us both stronger…apart and together.

Hmph. What a world.

It takes time to get over being lied to. Some people forgive and never forget. I like to forget but it happens on its own time. I mean hey, we all make dumb ass decisions. That’s just fact.
Of course, you never see that person the same way….I mean how could you? But its sorta your own fault, I mean they NEVER asked to be put on the pedestal you put them on. They are after all just a human being, not some sort of heaven sent angel. None of us are. All of the truthful and heartfelt praises and love YOU gave THEM…its a lot of pressure for MANY people. Those people dont want to disappoint those who put so much INTO them, they don’t want to make a boneheaded mistake and when they  do, they want to erase it. so I sympathize. Seriously I do.

TRUST can be rebuilt, as long as both people are willing to work at it. I know when guys get caught, we call it being in the dog house. Because you know your woman is mad at you and you gonna have to be real understanding about all her emotions for a long time. When you fuck up, you gotta face it or run from it. But if the other person is worth it, then you face it. its your bed.

And I have lied too, as an adult, but never when it really matters. Not when someone is asking you to “tell the truth, please.” Nah…that ain’t me…never has been…I don’t even have to worry about ever being like that cuz I’m just not geared that way. Now if I’m with someone who doesn’t want to know things, then that’s not ME lying. That’s just fulfilling a request. There are situations like that. some people know what they can or cannot handle, so they just rather not know.  But in honesty, I personally like things in the open…you they can be DEALT with accordingly.

This wasn’t my typical post geared to women, but its something we can all relate to at one time or another. Someone you can TRUST…it’s such a beautiful thing when you have it. Because this world is ever changing…its nice to have someone you can count on.  No putting them on a pedestal shit… Just a human being who just happens to keep it real with you no matter what. A person who lies all the time?  I just don’t believe they can be trusted ever. But a person who has lied on occasion, is just not a natural liar…there’s some hope for them. SOME. And they may be worth trying to trust again, but they should know that they will be under heavy scrutiny for a while. But you guys could end up stronger as a result. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, that’s truth.
Relationships …good ones..are built on truth. Just like we try to build our children on truth…to make them better than average.
I LOVE TRUTH. Give it to me. TRUST ME, I’m not made of sand.



Women.. women..women.. Part 10 “I don’t care what her FACE looks like..”

I was checking out some old pictures that my mom took of me and seeing myself made me think of how far this funny looking kid has come…mentally and physically..

I used to get picked on a LOT. Maybe its because I was a funny looking kid, or because I had a huge butt that made me look like a duck (big legs led to years of rashes between my thighs)…who knows. But what I do know is that stuff like that happens to all kids who aren’t cute. And those of us kids who aren’t cute have to roll with the punches.

Some of us follow other kids in order to get cool, while others

turn into bullies because they were never accepted. Yet and still, there are others who say “FUCK those other kids, I will just play by myself”

Hello 🙂

Though we survive things, we do not walk away unchanged. Years of people laughing at me, or picking at me for whatever reason gave me low self esteem. It was bad because even though I had confidence in certain

aspects of myself, I wasn’t confident in my looks at all. I was well into my later 20’s and I would not look people in their face when I spoke to them. I would sort of look of past them or walk beside them, this way I wouldn’t have to look at them. This was never a conscious thing, it was simply something I did that worked for my issues of looking people in the eyes.

The singular reason I didn’t look people in the eyes was because I could not shake the feeling that the longer I looked at them, eventually they would laugh at me or see something funny about my face. This stemmed directly from my childhood.



My mother was a good support system. She was an independent person, so she said “fuck what everyone else thinks, be you” And I did that. I wore what I wanted to wear and I had a shitty sense of style in high school. But I did NOT care. I wore the same beat up hat while everyone else wore new hats every day; it was so bad that the homeroom class brought me a new hat. I wore “hammer pants” because unlike most of the hood, I thought “Mc Hammer” was fucking cool and I still think he is cool. Fucking guy could dance his ass off and I like dancing!

white women love steve and steve loves white women..

White women love STEVE and steve loves white women..

Anyway…My best friend/brother in high school and adult hood, Steve, would CONSTANTLY badger me about my clothes. Most of the school did, and to this day he will say “I don’t know how he did it, but this nigga just would not care what people thought about him” Now we talking high school, Peer pressure city, and I was IMMUNE.

As far as girls? I had a couple I liked but they weren’t the popular girls because they didn’t look hot….but they were SMART, which is what I LIKED. Steve once again would be the voice of reason. With tears in his eyes he would say “Son! You gotta stop talking to these ugly bitches son. You can do so much better than this shit. Just dress better and you can pull dimes son! Its chicks that look at you all the time, but they look at how you dress and they get turned off. I mean I’m your friend , I’m telling you that you can do better. You got muscles, you could get so much pussy”  (LMAO. Ahhh man, how young men talk to one another….and their motivations 🙂 Women? You’re doomed. I’m trying to help, but I don’t think the dialogue has changed much in high school)


Steve meant well but the fact remains that he was guided by pussy like most adolescent males. I WASN’T. I liked women, liked their company and liked kissing. I jerked off enough to not care about sex like that. Plus, I don’t even know where I woulda’ took a girl because I lived with my parents, in an apartment, in a nosy ass building. STEVE lived in a house and lived in the basement which allowed him to take girls downstairs, like some sort of sexual TROLL. One day though, I was at Steve ‘s house and Steve said something that clicked. Now I was comfortable in my own skin, but I never really used the mirror much. Steve always did. And I told him that I had a hard time looking at myself in a mirror. It just made me laugh at myself. Like “who do I think I am? Looking in the mirror is for pretty people. I’m not and I’m okay with that.”

steve mackinSteve was pissed “It ain’t about being pretty NIGGA. Its about confidence. If you can’t look in the mirror and say “I’M DOPE” then something’s wrong with you” {Sidebar: “dope” was slang for “Hot” or Great. Kids don’t use that now. They say “that’s the SHIT” this is what KID’S are sayin..)

Now don’t ask me why that shit clicked but it made me feel pretty stupid about not being able do something simple like looking in a mirror and liking myself. It showed that I had avoided another part of myself. The part of me that wasn’t so happy with himself. So I started looking in the mirror a little bit each day…baby steps….I mean I really wasn’t a fan of mirrors. But I worked my way up to looking at my eyes and my face as a whole, something I avoided like the plague many times before. I came to accept how I looked on the outside…but it was a slow process. And even when I accepted my looks, it took years for me to accept the eyes of other people looking AT me. Hence the “not looking people in the eyes and walking beside them during meetings, or dates with women”….uh..thing. I started looking at people’s mouths, then gradually to their noses and finally their eyes. And to tell you the truth, I started noticing that a LOT of other people have the same esteem issues as I had. Many of them were worse than me. For instance, I never put myself down in conversation. I would never point out what I thought were imperfections on myself…like I would never say “I know my hair probably looks like shit” or “sorry if my shoes aren’t nice enough” I mean I would never do that, but I’ve met a LOT of women and men who do that and its due to them thinking that people are looking at everything that could possibly be wrong with them and imagining that these same people are inwardly judging them as substandard.

These people are literally saying “I know I’m not good enough but I’m trying” Terrible attitude to have on a date, a meeting, hell, even society. My not giving a shit about what others thought helped me avoid that, I just had a hard time with looking at people because I just didn’t think I was much of a looker. But I knew I was a good person and worthy of respect that I had better get or else I’m out. “Ironic that the eyes I avoided for decades into adulthood, reflected souls similar, but not identical to my own”


I have made it my business to let any woman I’m attracted to know that they are beautiful women. Because I believe that they ARE and true to my nature, I want them to not give a shit about anyone who disagrees 🙂 I’m not a guy that is into faces, though I study them. Physically I like my women with some weight, I like certain kinds of stretch marks, I like bellies, not huge ones, but belly is cute. We all can’t be in shape. We all can’t be athletes. I find women with normal body types are grounded. I mean, they have lived with their weight for years so they have an acceptance for the most part, however, many can have self esteem issues with other things…again, no ones perfect, but someone with very low self esteem is just not attractive. If you have to constantly tell someone that “you look fine okay??????” Its just too much after a while. People love confidence, so you gotta find something you love about yourself and then find something else after that…work on the self esteem slowly and surely. Ironically, women that society deems as pretty usually have low self esteem. It comes from constant attention given to them by men and women over their looks, and these women feel that WITHOUT their looks they are substandard. Their looks are what make them special and without them, they are no longer special. I have dated a couple of women who just happen to have been models and they were both very annoying dates. Plus I find that these women are VERY awkward when it comes to initiating conversation because they are used to men speaking to them. So many times these hot women are single and find themselves dealing with exes because they are scared to step out of their comfort zone in trying someone new. They simply don’t know how.

One thing about me, if I ever told you that I thought you were beautiful, and fine, it was the truth. You most likely still are. Yes, what’s pretty to one man may not be to another but the point is this: shouldn’t you AGREE when a man tells you you’re beautiful? Shouldn’t you want to ACCEPT that POSITIVITY, that APPRECIATION of YOU? And even if it’s GAME, cant you see that he thought you were fine enough physically if not mentally to take the time to run game on you?  🙂  HEY, the best lies have truth in em’ AKA “ Make lemonade out THAT lemon I gave you It’s up to you as a woman and even up to certain men to accept positive things about us. None of us are perfect, but to dwell, CONSTANTLY on our imperfections destroys our spirit, to the point where we no longer have ANY spirit at all. When you have no spirit, no self esteem, no love of self, you ALLOW things to happen to you. These things are usually most unfortunate and you will deal with the most unfortunate and shitty people…because you don’t feel as though you deserve ANYTHING.  

LOW SELF ESTEEM Is a terrible thing and can develop into a terrible sickness to your body and spirit, because you no have no confidence in yourself, you wont believe in your importance, your SELF WORTH.

The next time you’re in the bathroom, look at yourself and don’t just see the extra fat, the wrinkles in your face, your tired eyes…look at the positives: you’ve lived THIS long, you have your health hopefully and you can work on your weight, you may have kids that probably love you more than you do yourself and they think you’re beautiful. If you have a man or a friend (gay or hetero) who always tells you how hot you are and how FINE you are, NOT just because he wants some pussy, then enjoy those compliments, be thankful for them. The energy you put forth attracts a lot of things. Predators see weak people. They can see you quite clearly, then there are good people who can see you too. They can see your low spirit, and they gravitate to you, wanting to build you up by letting you know how special you TRULY are. Good and bad, people are put in your life for a reason, and much of it has to do with the inner soul you project outward. If you’re not confident, and you’re not a fighter, if you’ve no spirit, then you’re a fucking victim until you develop spirit and true, not FAKE confidence. You don’t have to be an actual fighter to have confidence, just be willing to fight for yourself. Be an unwilling victim.

The saddest part is, what I’ve seen the MOST, is that women and men with low self esteem, would rather believe those people who only care about what they can TAKE, over those people who want to only GIVE care and love. It’s like the male nerd who chooses the hot woman over the female nerd. The female nerd is true love and understanding, while the hot woman only cares about the nerd’s earning potential. The hot chick is going to fuck the nerd and blow his mind, and he will be in love with this woman and be happy to give him all his money every week. And this same woman will be fucking around on this guy. She will be fucking a guy WITH self esteem and the nerd will get pussy once a month. Why did he nerd pick this woman? Because he NEVER thought and BELIEVED that someone like him, could EVER pull someone as hot as this woman. He struck gold and he will do whatever it takes to keep his gold.  Meanwhile if he chose the nerd chick, they could build together, not just financially but more importantly, spiritually. Both would have had esteem issues (nerds are generally not considered cool by society. It makes nerdy people even nerdier) but they would be comfortable with each other and that helps a ton. It’s like a live-in support system.

Someone who understands you and BIGS you up with HONEST support?

That’s GOLD, man. I don’t care what they LOOK like.

To summarize:

1. Children are cruel little bastards, (oh if I just had a TIME MACHINE and a good leather belt) but they are preparing you for society. And society can be very materialistic, and society will take what you GIVE it. What you give OUT, society will TAKE. I said it twice, yet differently, for a reason.

2. What is GOLD to you? An expensive piece of yellow rock or pride in yourself? Some pride can take you as far in this life as humanly possible due to belief and self worth. It can change your life and those around you who are lacking in self esteem as you were. It can keep you from dealing with people who just want to get what they can take from you and then leave you. Gold can get you money at the pawn shop, which would pay a bill or two,  but with low self esteem, you’re probably gonna wind up spending it on your hot boyfriend or girlfriend, because they are the best you could ever do and you will do anything to keep them.

See you next month