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The content of character...is it a "Real" soul? -By TYR

The dominant personality...is it our soul...or should we rethink what a soul is?

"Dropping my opinion"

video series



Philosophy is one of my favorite subjects. Mix that with the journals i write on an almost a daily basis and you had TYR FREE on YOUTUBE.

I left the Youtube platform due to their 2020 censorship over any videos that didn’t fit into their network or asked relevant questions. Once two of my videos were taken down (though one was reinstated) I figured i wouldn’t give it a third try. We should ALL be free to have and VOICE our opinion. Sure there are consequences for speaking...words are powerful things. But we can’t grow as human beings if our EXPRESSION via whatever means...is STIFLED for any reason.

You may still check out my YouTube channel:


On this website, clicking on the "Play video" button will take you to another screen that plays the video itself.

Unlike on YouTube, I WILL be uploading brand new content. This is philosophy, these are my journals seeking universal truths and speaking on life as I go. As long as I’m alive, and able to write and have a coherent thought (hahah)....look for these vids to keep on going..

ALSO: every picture in each video is chosen for a reason, ESPECIALLY during the Racism, Covid and Black Culture videos. These pictures oft times have Information to support my opinion. So understand, these are not just videos thrown together. it takes hours most times to pull the information online.

Since I’m building this site as I go, comments are not enabled right now because I haven’t figured out how to add them.

REMEMBER..my opinion is not your own.. you can disagree and be OK about that. But be warned...I MAY be saying something of MERIT. I do this because this is my observation and the knowledge i have thus far. ALL subject to change.

If you liked it, I’m REALLY happy about that. If you didn’t, Email me, and I’ll read your comment. Right now, that’s the best I can do. Enjoy my friends.


WHAT...is..DEATH?? And the importance of SAND...By TYR.

For all those who have lost or those who continue to grieve, perhaps this will give you a measure of perspective. Try it, if you like :)

"EQUALITY" and do you REALLY want it? -by Tyr

1 day after MLK day...but better late than never :) as always, this is an opinion piece..maybe something to consider, maybe not...but its here...for possible viewing pleasure... HERE is an important PROPHETIC Time stamp 09:40 "extreme circumstances brings equality." THAT is when equality happens in actuality. times of disease and famine. fast forward 1 year later after this video, and the world is hit with another pandemic in human history. Now..EVERYONE is going through lock down. NOW..almost EVERYONE can see that this country needs to CHANGE. it's not just SOME people complaining about social inequality, it's damn near everyone. Thanx to corona.🤔

HAPPINESS.....are we designed to sustain it??

by TYR

Can GOD exist to an atheist?...better yet...is there a GOD?-by TYR

if it were an easy answer, it would have been a shorter video :)


My thoughts on gender...what's it all about? is it as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be? well....yes...society is having another growth spurt...lets see where it goes :)

Should we be public about the good that we do?

R.I.P Nipsey Hussle.


5 lessons learned from the senseless murder of a very positive young brother.

Is too much knowledge a BAD thing? My opinion..BY TYR.

So is it COOL to be the smartest guy in the room?

Should we absolutely know EVERYTHING we can know?

Is that even healthy????

AGENDAS IN MEDIA? OF COURSE! Is the true message of gay culture getting lost? ...by TYR FREE

we ALL have an agenda from time to time...the media is no different. My opinion on the so called "gay agenda"? Homosexuality has BEEN in society for centuries. if the AGENDA is to normalize it...its BEEN normalized.

Again, centuries.

"Social acceptance" was the issue and that's going rather decent. In this video i speak on how gay culture being "SOULED" OUT like HIP HOP. I also address the big elephant in the room :when it comes to ACCEPTANCE of gay culture and GENDER, are we exposing our children to adult situations?????

The reason I dont blame the media....


The title says it all....


Judging, assessments, common sense...usually people with good judgement have the BAD experiences to back u their ability.

In an age of #dontjudgeme, lets make "SOUND JUDGEMENT" a thing to aspire to.

Covid-19 Opinion pieces

Covid 19!!! a performance piece about lives and numbers" By Mr. Devil's Advocate.

The THEME of this video is "Devil's Advocate" if you're unfamiliar with what that means, it means to side with the UNPOPULAR OPINION. It's also a video on what happens when you turn LIVES into NUMBERS... .... INEVITABILITY and MATH.. this is actually an ARTISTIC piece...Performance ART... You may be able to tell vs my usual videos 😄🥰 PLUS...youre in QUARANTINE...you aint got SHIT to do..so CHILL with ME...im FUN :) 56 minutes you aint getting BACK!!


My FINAL video in regards to this corona virus situation.

By this point, it had been some time since Covid came to the states.

These are..."THINGS I LEARNED"

The Covid 19 VACCINE..TAKE IT OR NOT?- by Tyr

THE COVID 19 VACCINE! ITS LIKE A DREAM! BUT IS IT ALL THAT IS SEEMS? :) My opinion on it in a little over 10 minutes of your time.